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Joint Nordic focus on sustainable development in preparation of the Nord Start Climate Change Competition

Ministry of Education and Culture
Publication date 11.6.2021 11.56 | Published in English on 14.6.2021 at 12.01
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Drawing of virtual conference.

The flagship event in the administrative branch of the Ministry of Education during the Finnish Presidency of the Nordic Council of Ministers took place on 8¬-9 June 2021. Entitled ‘We All Make a Difference!’, the conference looked at sustainable development from the angles of education, culture, and the youth.

Besides Finnish speakers, presentations were also given by experts from Sweden, Denmark, Iceland and Greenland, among others. The participants included both young activists and experts, government ministers and high-level directors. The workshops discussed how important it is in terms of sustainable development to teach technology and the arts; collaboration between teachers between the different Nordic countries; and the goal of mainstreaming sustainable development into teaching at all levels.

The conference moreover announced the Nord Start Climate Change Competition, to be launched in autumn 2021. Organised in cooperation with the LUMA Centre Finland’s StarT programme, the competition aims to gather children, youth and adults to brainstorm concrete means for the fight against climate change from early childhood education up to university level.

The main mission of the Presidency of the Nordic Council of Ministers is to promote the vision adopted by the Nordic prime ministers: The Nordic region will become the most sustainable and integrated region in the world. The three priority areas for action are a green Nordic region, a competitive Nordic region and a socially sustainable Nordic region.

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