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Roadmap for RDI adopted by Ministerial Working Group:
The roadmap for research, development and innovation paves the way to sustainable growth and wellbeing

Ministry of Education and Culture
Publication date 23.4.2020 14.12
Press release

At its meeting on 21 April 2020, the Ministerial Working Group on Competence, Education, Culture and Innovation adopted a National Roadmap for Research, Development and Innovation (RDI). The measures in the Roadmap will improve the global attractiveness of the Finnish RDI environment and encourage businesses to invest more in RDI in Finland.

- The corona crisis has clearly shown how important research-based data and development and innovation are in Finland and throughout the world. Now, if ever, Finland must rely on research-based data and knowledge. Crisis preparedness and resuming normal activities require skills in critical sectors, a stronger science base and active research and innovation in different sectors and in Finland as a whole, Minister of Science and Culture Hanna Kosonen says.

The roadmap was prepared in cooperation between the Ministry of Education and Culture and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, in consultation with RDI stakeholders and other ministries.

RDI activities draw on competence

High-quality competence is the backdrop for creating innovation activities which are internationally competitive and which promote the renewal of society. The measures in the Roadmap help Finnish RDI actors become more international enable experts to move between research and business. By increasing the number of higher education graduates and by giving everyone opportunities for continuous learning, it will be possible to safeguard a high level of competence.

Besides raising the level of competence and education domestically, the Roadmap emphasises that Finland must be more attractive to international researchers, experts and RDI professionals.

- Successful research, development and innovation activities are based on the people who carry out research and product development. The strongest message I have received from companies across Finland is the need for skilled labour, Minister of Science and Culture Kosonen emphasises.

New partnership model creates a framework for cooperation between the research community, the business community and other RDI actors

As part of the Roadmap, a new partnership model will be created in the course of the spring and early summer to accelerate RDI cooperation between higher education institutions, research institutes and businesses. The partnership model serves to create an attractive environment and incentives for long-term cooperation between the research community, the business community and other RDI actors. The partnership model will be formulated inclusively in cooperation with key stakeholders.

Innovative public sector

Under the RDI Roadmap, we need to link RDI policies more strongly to addressing the challenges in developing the public sector and to the instruments and resources of different policy sectors. Similarly, by using public sector instruments such as regulation, innovative public procurement and effectiveness investments, we can develop an operating environment that encourages RDI activities and helps revamp public sector services.
- Central and local government can support research, development and innovation in many ways. It takes courage and creativity to see the potential of RDI activities in different administrative sectors and in different parts of society. Here too, the public sector must be the creator and facilitator of the best possible operating environment, says Minister Kosonen.

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