Vision for higher education and research in 2030

The vision for the Finnish higher education and research in 2030 was drawn up in cooperation with higher education institutions and other stakeholders and was published in October 2017.

NB: This project has ended and the webpage will no longer be updated.

The purpose was to formulate a future scenario which enables the development of a high-quality, effective and internationally competitive higher education system in Finland by the year 2030.

In the course of this work, different alternatives and models for improving the Finnish higher education system were examined and their impacts and feasibility assessed. The development needs of the Finnish higher education and research were reviewed and the future desired state defined on the basis of the changes in the national and international operating environment. 

The work was carried out in broad and open cooperation with the higher education institutions and their staff, students and stakeholders.

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Ulla Mäkeläinen, opetusneuvos 
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