The areas of expertise

The Ministry of Education and Culture is responsible for the development of education, science, cultural, sport and youth policies, and for international cooperation in these fields. The Ministry’s mandate covers early childhood education and care, education, research, arts and culture, copyright, sport, youth work, libraries and religious affairs.


Early childhood education and care

Child day care centres (ECEC), family day care, other forms of early childhood education and care

Early childhood education and care >

General education

Pre-primary education, basic education, general upper secondary education, liberal adult education, basic education in arts...

General education >

Vocational education and training

Vocational qualifications, vocational institutions

Vocational education and training >

Higher education and research

Universities, universities of applied sciences

Higher education and research >

Student financial aid

Study grant, housing supplement, other benefits for students

Student financial aid >


Fields of arts and culture, museums and cultural heritage

Culture >


Copyright system, copyright council

Copyright >


Public libraries, research libraries, policies concerning libraries

Libraries >


Promotion of physical activity, performance sport, ethical issues

Sport >


Youth work, youth policy

Youth >

Religious affairs

Freedom of religion, religious communities, burial service

Religious affairs >