Policies and development

Kuva: OKM/Elvi RistaWork life will require new kinds of compentencies, while there are fewer financial resources available for education. VET has to respond more swiftly to changes in work life and operting environment and to adapt to individual competence needs.

Close cooperation with the working life at national, regional and education provider level is a significant part of the quality assurance of VET. Working life representatives participate in the anticipation of learning and education needs and the development of vocational qualifications as well as the preparation of plans for the implementation of education providers’ competence assessments. They also take part in preparing students’ personal competence development plans, implementing education at workplace and assessing competence demonstrations. Moreover, the feedback collected from working life is part of the VET funding system, providing information also for developing quality.

Working life committees play a key role in the quality assurance of VET. They participate in ensuring the quality of the implementation of competence demonstrations and competence assessment as well as developing the VET qualifications structure and qualification requirements. They also process rectification requests concerning the assessment of students’ competence.

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Petri Lempinen, Director General 
Ministry of Education and Culture, Lukiokoulutuksen ja ammatillisen koulutuksen osasto (LAMOS), Ylijohtaja 0295330180