Studies and statistics on student financial aid

In the preparation of matters, the Ministry of Education and Culture utilises domestic and international studies and statistics concerning, for example, the subsistence and life situation of students.

Statistics on student financial aid:

Statistics on financial aid for students: tietotarjotin (Kela – The Social Insurance Institution of Finland, in Finnish)

The statistics on student financial aid analyse the recipients of and expenditure on student financial aid. They also contain information on meal subsidies, student loans, interest assistance for student loans, student loan tax deductions, and the government loan guarantees to support adult education.

Statistical database Kelasto (Kela – The Social Insurance Institution of Finland, in Finnish)

With Kelasto you can create custom reports from the statistical data compiled by Kela.

Studies on the living conditions of students:

Eurostudent researches

The main aim of the Eurostudent project is to collate comparable data on the social dimension of European higher education.

The reporting structure of Eurostudent consists of a comparative report and a more detailed, searchable database, which enables users to download data and a full National Profile for each country.