Policies and development related to youth affairs

Nuori ottaa puhelimella ryhmäkuvaa

The Ministry of Education and Culture is responsible for the overall development of youth work and youth policy.

The aim of youth policy is to improve the conditions in which young people grow up and live in and to enhance interaction between the generations through intersectoral cooperation. The objective of youth work is to support young people in growing and transitioning into independent life and to promote their participation in society.

The Ministry strives to support young people in growing up and gaining independence, promote their active citizenship and social empowerment, and improve the environment in which they grow up and their living conditions.

The development of youth policy issues is informed by the Government Programme, the National Youth Work and Policy Programme as well as other strategies and implementation plans of the Government.

The National Youth Work and Policy Programme

The National Youth Work and Youth Policy Programme (VANUPO) is a statutory horizontal programme, which the Government adopts every four years with the aim of promoting a good environment for young people to grow up and live.

State Youth Council

Pursuant to section 6 of the Youth Act, a State Youth Council (previously known as the Advisory Council for Youth Affairs) shall operate in conjunction with the Ministry of Education and Culture. The members of the Council are appointed by the Government.

The tasks of the State Youth Council are:

  1. to address issues of far-reaching and fundamental importance for young people and to assess the impacts of central government measures on young people and the services and activities targeted at them;
  2. to submit initiatives and proposals aiming to develop youth policy;
  3. to produce up-to-date information on young people and their living conditions;
  4. to issue a statement to the Ministry of Education and Culture on matters to be included in the National Child and Youth Policy Programme;
  5. to monitor international development and cooperation in the sector.

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