Policies and development

Oppilaita koulussa.The objective of general education is to guarantee that every child, pupil and student – irrespective of their ethnic origin, background or wealth – equal possibilities and rights to culture, education of high quality that is free of charge, and the prerequisites for full citizenship.

The services must be equally and equitably accessible to everyone. The Ministry of Education and Culture is responsible for developing education in line with the policies set out in the Government Programme.

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Contact information

Eeva-Riitta Pirhonen, Director General 
Ministry of Education and Culture, Varhaiskasvatuksen, perusopetuksen ja vapaan sivistystyön osasto ( VAPOS ) Telephone:0295330258   Email Address:

Petri Lempinen, Director General 
Ministry of Education and Culture, Lukiokoulutuksen ja ammatillisen koulutuksen osasto (LAMOS), Ylijohtaja Telephone:0295330180   Email Address: