New architectural policy programme

apoli2020.A proposal for a new architectural policy programme has been prepared for Finland, which was submitted in January 2021. The work took into account the changes that have an impact on our future, how these could affect the built environment, and how architecture may help improve the quality of our living environment.

Finland’s first architectural policy programme was published 20 years ago. It set out objectives for public measures that advance the development of architecture. While in recent years the programme has evolved at the local level, it has not been updated at the national level since 1998.

The working group's proposal for a new architectural policy programme was submitted in January 2021. In addition to the working group meetings, the working group’s work on the proposal included expert lectures and workshops addressing broader themes. In its report, the working group also drew attention to other ongoing reforms affecting the built environment, such as the new Land Use and Building Act, and any reports on similar programmes carried out in other countries.

The working group looked at how architecture could meet social challenges, including:

  • Sustainable development and life-cycle approach

  • Health and wellbeing

  • Equality, non-discrimination and inclusivity

  • Digitalisation, new technologies and innovative thinking

  • Demographic changes, regional development and migration

  • Prominence, competitiveness and export of Finnish architecture

  • Cultural heritage and cultural tourism

  • Critique, theory and research of architecture

  • Architectural education and training

There were 21 full members in the working group, with a broad range of expertise in various aspects of the built environment. The working group also consulted other experts and engaged stakeholders in the process. Archinfo acted as secretary to the working group.

Press release: Proposal for a new Architectural Policy Programme completed

Link to the new proposal (in Finnish)  PDF 417kB

Phases of the preparation

Before the working group was appointed, Archinfo Finland, the Finnish information centre for architecture, carried out a feasibility study on the guidelines for reforming the national policy. The work to draw up a new programme began in May 2019. 

Current issues

Architecture must react to changes in society

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