Rights related to copyright

Kuvata puhelimella

The object of protection of rights related to copyright is not a work, but instead a performance or a production. Rights related to copyright do not need to fulfil the independence and originality requirements. Among other things, the requirements of catalogue and database protection have been listed separately in the Copyright Act (404/1961).

Rights related to copyright include, for instance, rights of a performing artist, rights of a recording producer and a film producer, catalogue and database protection, radio and TV companies’ rights, right to a photograph, and right of the publisher of a press publication.

The most significant difference between the rights related to copyright and the copyright itself is the duration of the term of the protection, which is 50 years from the year of performance, recording, publication, delivery or production. The protection related to a catalogue or database is in effect for 15 years from the year the catalogue or database was completed or from the year it was made accessible to the public. The right of the publisher of a press publication shall remain in force until two years have elapsed from the end of the year in which the press publication was published.

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