Student financial aid

The purpose of student financial aid is to secure the livelihood of full-time students in need of financial support. The ministry develops the student financial aid system on the basis of educational policy objectives and drafts the necessary legislative proposals and the budget for parliamentary approval.

  • Policies and development »

    Educational policy objectives are used to further develop student financial aid. The goal is to provide students with sufficient financial aid so that it promotes full-time studies based on the student’s plans and to help shorten the duration of studies.

  • Student financial aid system »

    Financial aid is provided in the form of the following benefits: study grant, housing supplement and government guarantee for student loans.

  • Financing »

    The resources for financial aid for students are determined in the national Budget.

  • Statistics on student financial aid »

    In the preparation of matters, the Ministry of Education and Culture utilises domestic and international studies and statistics concerning, for example, the subsistence and life situation of students.