Youth sector organisations

Hymyileviä tyttöjä.

The Ministry of Education and Culture funds part of the national youth sector organisations’ expenditure by granting them discretionary general transfers annually.

Youth sector organisations comprise:

  • youth organisations
  • organisations with youth activities
  • organisations engaging in youth work
  • youth work service organisations.

National youth sector organisations implement the objectives and principles of the Youth Act across the country.

Provisions on eligibility for government aid of youth sector organisations and the allocation of aid are contained in both the Youth Act (1285/2016) and the Government Decree on Youth Work and Youth Policy.

The organisations are evaluated on the basis of their planned and actual activities. The evaluation criteria include pursuing activities with a national scope, the quality and scale of the activities, societal impact and financial management.

Pursuant to the Youth Act, the government-appointed Youth Sector Subsidy Committee makes proposals to the Ministry on both the eligibility of organisations and the allocation of funds.

Contact information

Mikko Cortés Téllez, Senior Coordinator 
Ministry of Education and Culture, Nuoriso- ja liikuntapolitiikan osasto (NUOLI), Nuorisotyön ja -politiikan vastuualue (NV) Telephone:0295330080   Email Address: