The Ministry of Education and Culture is responsible for coordinating and developing youth work and youth policy and creating prerequisites for it in central government. This work is carried out in cooperation with a range of different sectors.


  • Policies and development »

    The development of youth policy is based on the Government Programme and the Child and Youth Policy Programme.

  • Areas of youth work »

    The aim of youth work is to improve the living conditions of young people and to encourage their civic participation.

  • Legislation »

    The Ministry of Education and Culture drafts, or participates in the drafting of, any legislative proposals that concern youth work and youth policy before they are submitted to the Parliament.

  • Funding »

    Appropriations for youth work account for about 0.1 per cent of the state budget. Most of this financing is allocated by the Ministry as central government transfers and grants.

  • EU and international cooperation »

    The aim of international and EU-level cooperation is to develop and support the national youth policy and youth work through networking and the sharing of good practices.