Strategies and policy outlines

Policies outlined by the Government guide the activities of the Ministry of Education and Culture. The Ministry prepares matters based on these policy outlines.

The government strategy consists of the Strategic Government Programme and the Government Action Plan for the implementation of the key projects and reforms defined in the Strategic Government Programme. The Action Plan must be reconciled with the General Government Fiscal Plan.

Government reports and resolutions are a part of the Government Action Plan. The Government decides on the issue of reports and resolutions.

Ministry of Education and Culture Strategy 2030

The strategy until 2030 is the outlook review of the Ministry of Education and Culture’s officials. It introduces the areas on which the Ministry, its agencies and branch of government should focus over several government terms.

The strategy describes three impact objectives and their priorities. The Ministry’s goals are to enable better skills, knowledge and competence for all, to take creative, inquiry-based and responsible action that renews society, and to ensure equal opportunities for a meaningful life.

In addition, the Ministry may have strategies concerning its administrative branch for the purpose of guiding the agencies within the administrative branch.

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