Funding of arts and culture based on government transfers

The Ministry of Education and Culture funds e.g. the operating and property costs of national cultural institutions with government transfers. These transfers are also used to fund arts and culture sector organisations as well as artistic and other cultural activities. Government transfers are discretionary.

More than half of all arts and culture policy appropriations are granted in the form of government transfers and grants.  The Act on Discretionary Government Transfer provides on the granting of government transfers.

In addition to the Ministry of Education and Culture, Arts Promotion Centre Finland and the National Board of Antiquities also grant government transfers. Additionally, some associations and foundations have been given targeted transfers that they can appropriate to specific purposes or a limited group of applicants.

Nearly half of appropriated government transfers are steered to national cultural institutions i.e. the operating and property costs of the Finnish National Opera and Ballet, the Finnish National Theatre and the Finnish National Gallery.