Awards and decorations

Pro Urheilu -mitaleja.

The Ministry of Education and Culture grants awards and decorations to Finnish athletes in recognition for a distinguished career in sports or for a major athletic achievement.

Athlete pensions

A supplementary athlete pension may be granted primarily to Olympic medal winners in recognition of their exemplary contribution to the culture of sport. The pension can also be granted in recognition of a distinguished international career in sports.

The full pension is EUR 1,324.32 a month and the partial pension is half this sum. The pension is subject to tax. When granting the pension, consideration is given to the social status of the candidate and their taxable income. The first actual athlete pensions were granted in 2015.

Pro Urheilu awards

Pro Urheilu Prizes and Pro Urheilu Medals are awarded in recognition of achievements.

The Pro Urheilu awards amount to EUR 20,000. They are granted to athletes who have reached major international success in their sport. Pro Urheilu awards are granted in recognition of outstanding work in different sports.

Nominees for the awards are prepared by a working group appointed by the Ministry of Education and Culture. The first Pro Urheilu awards were granted in 2000.

Medals for merits in sport and physical activity

On 26 February each year, the Ministry of Education and Culture grants medals for merits in sport and physical activity to commendable people in Finnish sport culture and sport.

Submissions for nominees for a medal must be entered to the Ministry of Education and Culture by 31 October of the year preceding the award.

The medals of merit are:

1. Cross of Merit in Gold of the Finnish Sport (ARK)
2. Cross of Merit of the Finnish Sport (AR)
3. Medal of Merit in silver with golden cross of the Finnish Sport (AMKR)
4. Medal of Merit (AM)

The Grand Cross of Merit for Finnish Physical Education and Sports is the highest honour and may only be held by twelve living award winners.

Spikes Prize

The Spikes Prize is awarded each year for merits in promoting gender equality and plurality in sport.  

The Spikes Prize may be awarded to an association, group, project or person operating in Finland on a permanent basis. The Prize has been awarded since 1995.

Schools on the Move award

Each year, the Ministry of Education and Culture grants the Schools on the Move awards to schools and municipalities in recognition of their commendable promotion of a physically active culture in the school environment.