Digital service package for continuous learning

The core objective of the project is to build digital services to support individuals in making educational and career choices and maintaining and developing their competence throughout their careers and lives, as well as to promote a better match between work, competence, and demand and supply of education.

The Digital services for continuous learning programme consists of two mutually supportive parts:

  1. a digital service bundle for continuous learning that covers the entire education system and crosses administrative boundaries 
  2. a digitalisation and flexible learning entity for higher education that covers all higher education institutions (Digivision 2030). Digivision 2030 is a project carried out in collaboration by all Finnish universities and universities of applied sciences.

The aim of the Digital service bundle for continuous learning is to produce a customer-oriented and flexible service package that crosses administrative boundaries and supports individuals in making education and career choices and maintaining and developing their competence throughout their careers as well as well as promotes a better match between demand and supply of labour and education.

Key objectives of the service bundle include:

  • supporting individuals’ transitions in education and working life by offering and developing new digital services, more efficient service chains and new operating models,
  • helping working life actors find information on competence and its development that meets their needs,
  • helping education providers target their offerings better,
  • supporting new cross-administrative operating models for knowledge-based management with existing information sources and those to be built, including a labour market information resource,
  • encouraging the administration to develop its capabilities for knowledge-based management and to improve the efficiency of service chains and its operation.

The programme is underpinned by the Parliamentary reform of continuous learning prepared during the previous parliamentary term, which responded to the need to develop and update individuals’ competence at different stages of their lives and careers. The continuous learning policies were completed in late 2020, and the implementation of the reform will continue during Prime Minister Orpo's term of office. 

The Digital services for continuous learning programme was prepared as part of Finland's Recovery and Resilience Plan, which is included in the Sustainable Growth Programme for Finland. The service bundle is financed under the EU Recovery and Resilience Facility (RRF).

Yhteystiedot - Yhteystietonosto

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Ministry of Education and Culture, Lukiokoulutuksen ja ammatillisen koulutuksen osasto (LAMOS), Strategic Steering Division Telephone:0295330293   Email Address:

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