Eurostudent studies and analyses

The international Eurostudent studies look at issues such as young people's access to higher education, the study conditions in higher education, students' use of time and their income, and integration of international students in Finland. The results of the research will be used in the development of Finnish higher education and as support for decision-making in Finland.

The eighth Eurostudent study was carried out in Finland during spring 2022 as an online survey with a sample of 25,000 higher education students. Statistics Finland was responsible for the collection and processing of data. The reports and research articles based on the data were completed in 2023.

The Eurostudent VIII study examined several themes, including the progress of studies, students’  life situations, employment, and employment expectations, as well as the settling of foreign students in Finland. The effects of digitalisation in higher education and the coronavirus pandemic were also studied. The survey was carried out in 25 European countries at the same time.

The research articles form a picture of the backgrounds, experiences and social status of higher education students in Finland. This research data can help develop, for example, the practices of student exchange, student admissions, and identification of prior learning.

The collection of articles was published in the publication series of the Ministry of Education and Culture.

Data from previous Eurostudent projects are available for research use in the Finnish Social Science Data Archive (FSD).

Finland is participating in the international Eurostudent 9 research project, which will be launched in autumn 2024.

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Kaisu-Maria Piiroinen, opetusneuvos 
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