Sports and physical activity

In the central government, the Ministry of Education and Culture is responsible for creating favourable conditions for sports and physical activity as well as for the reconciliation and development of sport policy. The work is carried out in cooperation with a range of different sectors.

  • Policies and development »

    Guidelines for the development of sport policy are set out in the Government Programme and in separate programmes.

  • Promotion of physical activity »

    By promoting physical activity, the Ministry of Education and Culture aims to improve people’s opportunities to engage in physical activity and to create a favourable environment for civic activities and performance sports.

  • Financing »

    The appropriations for sports and physical activity included in the Budget amount to approximately EUR 150 million. The Ministry mainly allocates funds as discretionary government grants and central government transfers.

  • Construction of sports facilities »

    The Ministry finances and steers the construction of sports facilities.

  • EU and international cooperation »

    International and EU-level cooperation support national sport policy and work, in particular by means of networking and exchange of best practices.

  • Legislation »

    The Ministry drafts or participates in the drafting of legislative proposals concerning sports and physical activity that are submitted to the Parliament for decision.