Financing: Student financial aid spagettiateria

The resources for financial aid for students are determined in the national Budget, where appropriations for student financial aid expenditure belong under allocations for the Ministry of Education and Culture.

EUR 791 million was budgeted for 2023, of which EUR 478,5 million accounted for study grants.

Central government expenditure on student financial aid also includes the housing supplement for students, the student loan compensation for students who have completed a higher education degree, and costs arising from central government guarantees for student loans, the school transport subsidy and the meal subsidy for students in higher education.

In 2023, the study grant was paid to 198,682 students in higher education, 108,655 students in other educational institutions and 7,909 students abroad. The housing supplement was paid to 15,960 students and the school transport subsidy to 100,569 students.

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