Financing: Student financial aid spagettiateria

The resources for financial aid for students are determined in the national Budget, where appropriations for student financial aid expenditure belong under allocations for the Ministry of Education and Culture.

A total of EUR 629 million was budgeted for 2021, of which approximately EUR 444 million consists of study grant expenditure.

State student-related financial aid expenditure also includes housing supplements for students, state guarantees for student loans, school transport subsidies and costs incurred by subsidised meals for students in higher education institutions.

In 2021, a total 199 831 of students in higher education institutions  received study grants,  119 939 students at other educational institutions. Housing supplements granted to an total of 13 190 students and school transport subsidies to 66 998 students.

Contact information

Virpi Hiltunen, Ministerial Adviser 
Ministry of Education and Culture, Nuoriso- ja liikuntapolitiikan osasto (NUOLI), Strategia- ja ohjausryhmä (SORY) 0295330110