The Results of PISA 2006

The main subject of PISA 2006 was scientific literacy.


Scientific literacy means a the student's ability to use scientific research, formulate questions and draw evidence-based conclusions about science-related issues, as well as a students´s understanding of the characteristic features of science as a form of human knowledge and enquiry; awareness of how science and technology shape our material, intellectual, and cultural environments; and willingness to engage in science-related issues as a reflective citizen.

An important consideration in PISA is young people's ability to master scientific concepts and phenomena in real-life situations and in solving problems arising from future needs.

In 2006 56 countries/economies participated in the PISA assessment, 30 of which were OECD members.


Finland's results: Score points OECD countries All participants
Scientific literacy 563 1st 1st
Mathematical literacy 548 1st. 2st
Reading literacy 547 2nd. 2nd