Duties and objectives of the Ministry of Education and Culture

In Finland the Ministry of Education and Culture is responsible for the development of education, science, cultural, sport and youth policies, and for international cooperation in these fields.

Work carried out within the Ministry’s administrative branch has far-reaching effects on people's wellbeing and success. The objective of the Ministry is to provide citizens with possibilities for personal development through education and cultural services, to guarantee the skills needed in the labour market, to reinforce the national culture, and to promote international cooperation.

Duties of the Ministry of Education and Culture in the Government and in the administrative branch

The duties of the Ministry of Education and Culture include:

  • steering and implementation of measures agreed in the Government Programme,
  • preparation of acts, decrees and decisions concerning the Ministry’s administrative branch,
  • preparation of the Budget for the Ministry’s administrative branch and preparation of other matters related to financial planning,
  • guidance of the agencies within its administrative branch and dealing with matters concerning them,
  • allocation of appropriations to government agencies and public bodies,
  • granting of discretionary government transfers to local authorities, joint municipal authorities and private corporations,
  • participation in the preparation of matters and decision-making in certain EU bodies, and
  • participation in the activities of certain international organisations, Nordic cooperation, cooperation with neighbouring regions, and bilateral cooperation.

Provisions on the duties of the ministries are laid down in the decrees governing each ministry, and provisions on the ministries’ mandates are laid down in the Government Rules of Procedure. The Rules of Procedure of the Ministry of Education and Culture lay down provisions for example on the guidance and management of the administrative branch and on the preparation and decision of matters.

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