Sport and fitness science

Each year, the Ministry of Education and Culture allocates government grants and appropriations for sport-related research and communications.


The Ministry of Education and Culture finances research projects into sport and fitness science as well as research and assessment in the field of sport and physical activity. A

s part of management by knowledge in sport policy, the Ministry also provides assistance for research and assessment projects that serve sport policy decision-making procedures. Furthermore, the Ministry supports the activities of organisations in the field of sport and fitness science.

The Ministry finances sport and fitness science research projects based on the social impact of the research topics. The objectives of research into sport and fitness science are specified in the sport and fitness science guidelines (Liikuntatutkimuksen Suunta).

The Subcommittee for Sport Science of the National Sport Council is an advisory body for the Ministry of Education and Culture in matters related to sport and fitness science.

The themes are:

  • Promoting physical activity in the general population
  • Access to and polarisation of sport
  • Changes in the culture of sport and physical activity and promoting inclusion
  • Cross-sectional information needs

Sport and fitness science organisations and research institutes:

The Ministry regularly engages in development discussions with sport and fitness science organisations, sport medicine organisations and the Research Institute for Olympic Sports (KIHU). Research into sport and fitness science is conducted at universities, universities of applied sciences and numerous research institutes.

The Research Centre for Physical Activity and Health (LIKES) disseminates information for promoting physical activity among children, youths and adults. Special focus is placed on sedentary people.

UKK Institute is a research institute that operates in the administrative branch of health and social services. Its task is to conduct research and provide education and information on the promotion of a healthy way of life, with specific focus on physical activity.

Finnish Institute of High Performance Sport KIHU focuses on the multidisciplinary research of competitive and performance sports and the provision of related services.

The National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) promotes the health and wellbeing of the Finnish population, aims to prevent diseases and curb social problems, and helps develop health and social services.

The Finnish Society of Sport Sciences (LTS) produces and disseminates information on sport and fitness science and serves as a channel for discussion for different actors.

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