International cooperation

The Ministry of Education and Culture, together with higher education institutions and other parties working in its branch of government, promotes international cooperation in higher education, science and research. 

The Ministry facilitates international cooperation across the board in higher education and science policy through expert bodies and committees, for example in the EU, OECD and UNESCO. In international networks, the Ministry's role is to act as Finland's voice and form its national position. At the national level, the Ministry works with stakeholders and expert networks to implement its objectives related to promoting international activities.  

Vision for strengthening the international dimension by 2035

Vision for strengthening the international dimension of Finnish higher education and research by 2035 defines the main principles on which the objectives of international activities in higher education and research are based. The Ministry has drawn up the principles together with higher education institutions and other stakeholders.

At the heart of the vision are the values according to which Finland is a responsible, welcoming and open frontrunner in international cooperation. Within the Ministry’s remit, the international dimension is linked to nearly all policy measures and policies, which the Ministry promotes nationally and in international forums. 

Promoting international activities through expert networks

International strategy for higher education and research & the Forum for international Policies

The Forum for International Policies brings together stakeholders from central government, higher education institutions, research institutes, interest groups and student movements. A network of experts, the Forum serves as a platform for debate and monitors the realisation of the vision for strengthening the international dimension.

Talent Boost and the global projects

The internationalisation programme for higher education institutions encompasses the Talent Boost programme and higher education institutions' global projects. Talent Boost supports the integration of international talents in Finland, and the global projects provide a cooperation network between Finnish higher education institutions and partner institutions in the destination countries.

Team Finland Knowledge

Team Finland Knowledge's specialists are located in Finland's diplomatic missions and consulates in Brazil, South Africa, India, the United Kingdom, China, Singapore and the United States. They promote international activities in higher education and research and build Finland's country branding, working closely with higher education institutions and science institutes.


Talent Boost - National programme

SIMHE services at higher education institutions (Supporting Immigrants in Higher Education in Finland)


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