Youth workshops and outreach youth work


Youth workshops are part of the Youth Guarantee, under which every pupil who has completed basic education is guaranteed a place in an educational institution, apprenticeship training, workshop, rehabilitation or similar. The purpose of outreach youth work is to help young people who need support in accessing the services they need. These activities are funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture.

Youth workshops

Youth workshops support young people aged under 29 in tackling issues related to education and training, working life and life management. They can contact a workshop directly or, for example, through the TE Office, social welfare office or Ohjaamo advisory service point in their municipality.

The workshop activities are based on learning by doing through coaching and practical work. The workshops are work-oriented and communal learning environments.

Youth workshop activities are organised by municipalities, associations and foundations among other things. They are available in over 90% of all municipalities in Continental Finland.

The Ministry of Education and Culture is responsible for developing the workshop activities and assists them with grants handled by the Regional State Administrative Agencies.

Outreach youth work

Outreach youth work assists young people under the age of 29 who are excluded from education and working life or who need support in accessing the services they need. Outreach youth work offers a young person early support if he or she so wishes.

The municipalities decide whether or not to organise outreach youth work. Today these activities cover more or less the entire country.

The Ministry of Education and Culture supports the recruitment of social workers for outreach youth work with grants handled by the Regional State Administrative Agencies.

Time Out activities

Time Out provides support and assistance for men of conscription age and for women who wish to volunteer for military service. It can support young people before and during their call-ups, and during or at the end of their military service.

The Time Out scheme works in collaboration with several parties: the Defence Forces, the non-military service, social workers, the health service, providers of housing, subsistence, student and employment services, and the services provided by the Social Insurance Institution of Finland (Kela) and the State Treasury. The activities, which cover the whole country, are carried out by municipalities or by organisations that have signed agreements with the municipalities. National coordination is the responsibility of the Division for Youth Work and Youth Policy at the Ministry of Education and Culture.

Time Out is present at the call-ups, providing young people with an opportunity to discuss matters that concern them. Time Out workers can talk about the time before, during and after the military service or voluntary service, and about situations in which a young person's service may be interrupted. The scheme supplements the assistance provided by the Defence Forces and the non-military service, helping young people perform their service.

Time Out activities are subject to several legal provisions, such as those laid down on outreach youth work in the Youth Act (see sections 10 to 12 of the Youth Act 1285/2019) and the provisions on cooperation with other sectors.

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