Equality, non-discrimination and diversity among teaching and research staff in higher education institutions

The KOTAMO project examined how equality, non-discrimination and diversity among staff members can be promoted in Finnish higher education institutions. Based on the study, concrete proposals for measures were developed for higher education institutions and for national policy approaches.

The project (2021–22) examined equality and non-discrimination in the recruitment, professional career paths and workplace atmosphere among teaching and research staff. The project also explored the measures taken in reference countries to promote equality and non-discrimination in higher education institutions.

The project was carried out in close cooperation with stakeholders, i.e. the staff members, management and funding bodies of Finnish higher education institutions. The study was conducted by Demos Helsinki, Oxford Research, Includia Leadership, Researcher Inkeri Tanhua, Professor Liisa Husu and Kaskas Media.

Final report

The results of the project were collected into the final report published in November 2022.

Literature review on equality and diversity

Survey report

Case studies


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