Advisory organisations

Home economics advisory organisations as well as crafts organisations are national organisations that receive operational subsidies. Besides the central organisation, most advisory organisations have their own regional and local organisations. Their activities include advice, consultancy and training for adults, young people and companies. Advisory activities bring people more knowledge and skills in hobbies and in home economics and promote business and entrepreneurship. 

The Martha Organization and the Swedish Martha Association in Finland are two home economics advisory organisations that promote the economic, mental and material wellbeing of Finnish homes and families as well as conservation of the living environment.

The Rural Women’s Advisory Organisation offers home economics, consumer and landscaping advice especially to women living in rural areas, and develops small entrepreneurship activities in rural areas.

Of the crafts advisory organisations, the Finnish Crafts Organization Taito fosters and develops the handicrafts as a skill and as a form of livelihood, and advocates handicrafts as part of our national culture. Sámi Duodji serves as the Sami people's handicrafts advisory organisation in Lapland.

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