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Young people with achievements in an International Award programme receive recognition

Ministry of Education and Culture
Publication date 29.4.2021 18.00
Press release
A photo of the Avartti award recipients together at the House of the Estates in 2020. Photo: Juha Kinanen

Altogether 29 young people were awarded for participating in the international Award programme (Avartti) for recreational activities. Two gold awards and 27 bronze awards were presented. The prizes were awarded remotely by Minister of Culture and Science Annika Saarikko on 29 April.

The Award is a global framework for 14-24-year-olds, which helps young people grow, participate, engage and act in their community both locally and more broadly in society.

“I would like to congratulate all of you on your commitment to the Award programme and for your perseverance in learning new skills and capabilities. Diligence and an open mind deserve to be rewarded, and today is your turn to celebrate your achievements,” Minister Annika Saarikko said.

Minister Saarikko also thanked the programme for the work done to support young people's growth.

”I trust you feel that the Award has made a difference in you and that you will continue to make a difference in others around you,” said His Royal Highness The Earl of Wessex KG GCVO and Chairman of Trustees of The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Foundation in his speech to the young people.

When doing the Award, each young person designs and creates their own bespoke programme, choosing recreational activities and goals based on interests unique to them. The programme consists of three levels and four sections. Once the participants have completed their chosen level, they receive recognition in the form of a bronze, silver or gold award as well as an international certificate for participating in the programme.

Internationally, the Award is known as The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award. It operates in more than 130 countries and territories. The programme was launched in the United Kingdom in 1956.

Award recipients and their levels:


  1. Mohammad Kazemi, Kajaani
  2. Yasin Nazari, Kajaani


  1. Hamzeh Elsad, Espoo          
  2. Ali Elsad, Espoo           
  3. Hamzat Dabaev, Espoo
  4. Muhammed Sherzay, Espoo
  5. Mohammed Elsad, Espoo 
  6. Vicheth Khoem, Espoo
  7. Khalid Abdikarin, Espoo 
  8. Max Perunka, Oulu
  9. Pyry Kylli, Oulu
  10. Annina Virpi, Oulu
  11. Esteri Majuri, Oulu
  12. Pinja Lohi, Oulu
  13. Elias Aho, Muhos
  14. Markus Pakka, Alavus
  15. Alpo Hult, Alavus
  16. Eevert Perälä, Alavus
  17. Rasmus Kauppinen, Alavus
  18. Andrey Bogatenko, Alavus
  19. Niklas Kuusiniemi, Alavus
  20. Zahra Shirzad, Kerava
  21. Yalda Amini, Helsinki
  22. Leila Amini, Helsinki
  23. Fatema Rezaei, Sipoo
  24. Narges Amiri, Helsinki
  25. Maryam Mohammadi, Kerava
  26. Hassan Hosseini, Helsinki
  27. Joona Heikkinen, Suomussalmi

Inquiries: Suvi Viljanen, Programme Coordinator, tel. +358 45 323 3464, suvi.viljanen(at)

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