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Sports science: sports science research projects


The Ministry of Education and Culture funds sport science research projects that are in line with the objectives for societal impact in the sports sector as outlined in the Budget. The supported projects are required to collaborate with each other. This collaboration may take place, for example, in the form of seminars or discussion events organised by the Ministry.

The Ministry of Education and Culture and the National Sports Council monitor the implementation of the studies, the key scientific results of the studies, their applicability potential, and their contribution to sport policy discussion. The results of research financed in this way must be integrated into decision-making. The research plans for the projects must include an outline of research communications and a report must be presented on how the new research data is positioned in relation to prior research in the field and how new information will reach both practical users of the information and the field of research.

The following points will be taken into consideration in the assessment of studies funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture and in funding decisions:

  • High standard of research
  • Innovative and unique nature of the research and its high level of applicability to decisions on sport policy.
  • Multidisciplinary approach of the research study and cooperation within sport science and with other fields of science both nationally and internationally.
  • Broad financial base for the research study
  • Knowledge and skills of the research group
  • Communications plan for the research and usability of the research in policy-making.

Research communities may apply for sport science research project funding. They can apply for research financing to cover remuneration paid to researchers and other research staff, shared expenses collected by research institutes as well as for other expenses.

Call for applications / new research projects

The application period begins on 25th August 2021
The call for applications closes on 29th September 2021 at 16.15 Finnish time.

Applications are submitted via the online service of the Academy of Finland.

Call for applications/follow-up research projects:

(A separate call for applications will be published in September for follow-up projects):

The aim is to make all decisions on new sport science research projects by the end of March 2022.

The Ministry of Education and Culture helps fund new research projects and follow-up research projects on condition that Parliament allocates appropriations for this purpose.


Senior Advisor, Samuli Rasila, puh. 0295 330057, [email protected]