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Discussions in subgroups on Developing the Copyright infrastructure have begun

Ministry of Education and Culture
Publication date 27.8.2020 12.00 | Published in English on 1.9.2020 at 12.24
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Groups for developing the copyright infrastructure will convene in three compositions in August and September: Practices, Technology and Legal Issues. The groups consist of experts from different fields. They will report to the National Copyright Delegation in October 2020 to assess further measures.

In today’s digitalising environment, we need to focus more on both the moral and economic rights of authors. Accurate and comprehensive metadata on works and authors helps identify authors and makes it possible for them to receive financial gain from the use of their works. Investing in the management and quality of data  in the creative industries, will bring added value to not only authors but also businesses and society.

The main purpose of the discussions on ways to develop the copyright infrastructure, taking place in the realm of the National Copyright Delegation, is to increase knowledge and competence on the technical and varying practices related to copyright data, including metadata on works and authors. This is also important in order that new technologies can be adopted.

The subgroups will address questions related to the practices for entering data on works and authors, including identifiers, standards and data sharing formats. They will also examine legislative aspects that are important for developing the copyright infrastructure.

The role of the Ministry of Education and Culture is to promote dialogue. So far, many important issues have arisen in the discussions led by experts selected from within each group. What potential does Finland have in influencing these developments at the global level? What incentives exist for developing metadata practices in different sectors?

Each group will report on the results of their work to the National Copyright Delegation in October. On the basis of the results, the National Copyright Delegation will hold discussions under the leadership of State Secretary Tuomo Puumala on a possible follow-up to this project, which terminates in June 2022.

The Gateway to Information on Government Projects provides summaries (in Finnish) of the discussions held by the groups as well as material related to developing the copyright infrastructure.


During its Presidency of the Council of the European Union in 2019, Finland highlighted the need to develop the copyright infrastructure, and published a summary of the discussions on Developing the Copyright Infrastructure - Stocktaking of work and progress under the Finnish Presidency. The document can be accessed via the Gateway to Information on Government Projects. 

The copyright infrastructure also has a bearing on growth and competitiveness in the creative industries.  These questions were discussed for instance in the High-Level Conference on the Data Economy held in Helsinki in November 2019. Data principles that encourage the sharing and use of data were jointly created in collaboration with various sectors and the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra ( Finland has continued to act in promoting the data principles at EU level with a view to developing a human-centric, thriving and balanced data economy.

Inquiries: Anna Vuopala, Senior Ministerial Adviser, tel. +358 295 330 331 

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