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Interim report of Social Security Committee now published – Committee proposes harmonisation and combination of basic social security benefits

Ministry of Social Affairs and Health
Publication date 16.3.2023 14.00
Press release

The Social Security Committee’s interim report was published on Thursday 16 March 2023. The report includes 31 proposals for reforming social security under future governments and the policy guidelines for the Committee’s work during its second term.

On 19 March 2020, the Government appointed a parliamentary Social Security Committee to prepare a social security reform over the course of two parliamentary terms. The Committee’s work aims to achieve a long-term perspective in developing the structure and operation of social security. The Committee addresses questions related to basic social security, earnings-related benefits and social assistance and examines the financing and connections between these forms of support. Attention is also given to ways to better integrate services with benefits.

Committee proposes harmonisation and combination of basic social security benefits

The Social Security Committee is in favour of looking into one basic social security benefit at the next phase of the social security reform. One basic social security benefit would be a cause-based benefit, and the conditions for granting the benefit would vary depending on the life situation of the person applying for it. Finland would introduce the benefit gradually.

The Committee proposes that caused-based basic social security benefits be harmonised and combined, taking into account earnings-related benefits. The aim is to clarify and simplify the benefit system and its implementation and to ease the transition from one benefit to another. The Committee proposes that the next Government examine which of the conditions for granting benefits could be harmonised and how. It is also necessary to assess how different alternatives would affect the status of beneficiaries and public finances, for example.

Interim report includes 31 proposals to future governments 

During its first term, the Social Security Committee has broadly assessed how well the different parts of the social security system function and if it is necessary to reform them. The Committee’s proposals to future governments include numerous study, law drafting and development projects.  The proposals relate to issues such as social security for children and families, benefits related to ability and capacity to work and incapacity to work, unemployment security, studying and competence development, housing benefits, social assistance, implementation of social security, and digitalisation. The Committee has also prepared policy guidelines that lay the foundation for its work during the second term.


Pasi Moisio, Research Professor, Chair of the Social Security Committee, tel. +358 29 524 7228, [email protected]
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