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Ministers Andersson and Kurvinen: The Government is continuing investment in competence as well as quality and equity in education in its budget proposal for 2022 

Ministry of Education and Culture
Publication date 27.9.2021 11.58 | Published in English on 27.9.2021 at 12.14
Press release
Budjetti 2022.

The Government submitted its budget proposal for 2022 to Parliament on 27 September. The proposed appropriations for the administrative branch of the Ministry of Education and Culture total EUR 7.41 million. Next year’s budget will continue to focus on improving quality and equity in education and on safeguarding funding for science and research. Funds will also be allocated for rebuilding the cultural sector in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

Work to strengthen quality and equity in early childhood education and care and in primary, lower secondary and upper secondary education will continue in 2022. A total of EUR 80 million is proposed for an action plan for quality and equity in early childhood education and care  and EUR 60 million for an action plan for quality and equity in primary and lower secondary education. It is proposed that EUR 10 million be allocated in 2022 towards a quality and accessibility programme for general upper secondary education. Efforts to strengthen student welfare services in primary, lower secondary and upper secondary education will continue. It is proposed that the funding allocated to these services be increased to EUR 20 million in 2022. 

“We will continue to work resolutely to ensure that each child's neighbourhood school remains among the world’s best schools. One of our priorities is also to ensure that children and young people get all the support they need at school on time,” says Minister of Education Li Andersson.

Altogether EUR 65 million will be allocated for continuing the extension of compulsory education and the implementation of upper secondary education that is free of charge. A total of EUR 70 million in additional funds is proposed for recruiting teachers and instructors in vocational education and training. In addition, full index adjustments will be made for all levels of education. 

“Everyone needs high-quality upper secondary education to cope in today’s society. By extending compulsory education it is possible to improve young people’s networks and obligate the society to walk alongside them throughout upper secondary,” says Minister Li Andersson.

Funding level for science and research secured and skilled labour immigration facilitated

The level of funding for science and research will be secured in 2022 too. The budget authority of the Academy of Finland for research projects in 2022 amounts to EUR 390.5 million, including a supplementary budget authority of EUR 40 million for 2022 decided in the government budget session and an addition to the budget authority of EUR 40.5 million in line with the Sustainable Growth Programme. The level of the authority for 2023 will be decided in the government discussion on spending limits in spring 2022. 

A total of EUR 15 million is proposed in Recovery and Resilience Plan funds for new student places in higher education institutions. Based on a contribution from the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra, universities will be capitalised with EUR 67 million in 2022. The capitalisation will be implemented on the basis of universities’ acquisition of funds.

The conditions for employment among young people would be improved by temporarily raising the income thresholds for student financial aid for 2022. 

“The economy is growing fast and many companies are suffering from a shortage of skilled labour. Raising the income limits for student financial aid is one quick way of fixing the situation. Finland can succeed only if we have competent people who explore and create innovations. This is why it is important that the Government is committed to securing funding for higher education and science next year, ” says Minister of Science and Culture Antti Kurvinen.

Altogether EUR 330 million is proposed in 2022 for compensating beneficiaries for the proceeds from gambling activities. The compensation for the reduction in the fall in proceeds is EUR 174 million in 2022 for the administrative branch of the Ministry of Education and Culture. The Government has launched parliamentary preparations for organising gambling activities as of 2024. The preparatory work will be completed by the end of 2021 and the decisions are to be made in the government session on spending limits in spring 2022.

Support for culture and the creative industries

In line with the Sustainable Growth Programme, EUR 14 million is proposed for enhancing production and operating models in the cultural and creative sectors. As part of the Government’s future-oriented investments, EUR 7.5 million would be allocated towards the capitalisation of a fund to support the creative industries as well as cultural activities. The rest of the funding reserved for the capitalisation will be decided in future budget processes.

It is proposed that EUR 11 million be allocated for compensating for the reproduction of works for private use, which helps secure the financial support that Kopiosto and the Promotion Centre for Audiovisual Culture (AVEK) provide for the creative industries and culture. The exhibition payment model for artists will receive further funding. Next year, the Government has also pledged to reimburse reasonable additional costs arising from appeals involving the renovation and modernisation project of the Finnish National Theatre.

“The cultural sector creates jobs and brings vitality everywhere in Finland. It is important in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic to fuel reconstruction in this sector with the help of the recovery package and the new fund. Another essential issue is the sources of income for those in the cultural industries. In this respect, both securing the compensation level for the reproduction of works for private use and ensuring further funding for the exhibition payment model are very positive decisions, ” Minister Kurvinen says.


Touko Sipiläinen, Special Adviser to Minister Andersson, tel. +358 40 196 2292 
Eeva Kärkkäinen, Special Adviser to Minister Kurvinen, tel. +358 40 149 2201
Anita Lehikoinen, Permanent Secretary, tel. +358 295 330 182
Pasi Rentola, Director of Financial Affairs, tel. +358 2953 30211

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