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Minister Honkonen granted awards to young people successful in the International Award programme

Ministry of Education and Culture
Publication date 13.5.2022 15.06
Press release

Minister of Science and Culture Petri Honkonen handed an award at an event held at the House of the Estates on 13 May to 71 young people who were successful in the International Award programme for Young People (Avartti).

“I would like to congratulate all of you for your perseverance in learning new skills and capabilities. It is great that the Award programme supports young people’s growth and encourages self-development,” said Minister of Science and Culture Petri Honkonen in his award speech. 

The international programme is an international recreational programme for young people between the ages of 14 and 24 that inspires young people to identify their strengths and find their personal paths. It is known around the world as the International Award for Young People. The programme recognises and acknowledges learning that takes place by means of recreational activities. Altogether 1.4 million young people take part in it every year and it operates in more than 130 countries.

The programme makes it possible for young people with different backgrounds to participate in recreational activities with other young people. By doing things together, young people get to know each other and interact. It also helps them grow into active and responsible members of society.

Suvi Viljanen, Programme Coordinator, tel. +358 45 323 3464, suvi.viljanen(at)
Finland's Award website (in Finnish) 
Website of the main office of the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award

Award recipients: 

1.    Abdikarim Khalid Silver Espoo
2.    Alanko Roope Bronze Oulu 
3.    Amin Yousuf Anwar Gold Jyväskylä
4.    Amini Leili Bronze and Silver Helsinki
5.    Antar Abdallah Silver Espoo
6.    Ehsani Esmatollah Silver Espoo
7.    Elsad Hamzeh Silver Espoo
8.    Elsad Mohammed Silver Espoo 
9.    Elsad Ali Silver Espoo
10.    Hedman Katariina Bronze Jyväskylä
11.    Heikkinen Joona Silver Suomussalmi
12.    Hosseini Hassan Silver Helsinki
13.    Juhala Emma Silver Uusikaupunki
14.    Juvonen Andrkko Bronze Kitee
15.    Järvelä Valtteri Bronze Liminka
16.    Karhunen Andnne Bronze Tervo
17.    Kemppainen Eino Silver Sotkamo
18.    Khoem Vicheth Silver Espoo 
19.    Klemetti Sanni Bronze Sotkamo
20.    Kuusisto Aleksi Bronze Seinäjoki
21.    Kämäräinen Marand Bronze Ilomantsi
22.    Lehikoinen Susanna Bronze Kontiolahti
23.    Leinonen Nonni  Bronze Ilomantsi
24.    Leskinen Joona Bronze Liperi
25.    Lindberg Tamara Bronze Jyväskylä
26.    Lindeman Mirella Bronze Äänekoski
27.    Lindeman Terno Bronze Äänekoski
28.    Lindgren Denise Bronze Jyväskylä 
29.    Lindgren Desire Bronze Jyväskylä
30.    Lindgren Sandra Bronze Muurame
31.    Lindgren Mertsi Bronze Jyväskylä
32.    Lindgren Daniel Bronze Jyväskylä
33.    Lindgren Rikhard Bronze Muurame
34.    Majuri Esteri Silver Oulu
35.    Malinen Heikki Bronze Kuhmo
36.    Merjomaa Liinu Bronze Sotkamo
37.    Mohammad Ali Silver Helsinki
38.    Mohammadi Farhad Silver Uusikaupunki
39.    Mohammadi Mohammadi Silver Helsinki
40.    Mustonen Helmi Bronze Sotkamo
41.    Määttä Siiri Silver Sotkamo
42.    Määttä Katri Gold Oulu
43.    Neudeck Hugo Bronze Kauhajoki
44.    Niemi Meeri Bronze Kokkola
45.    Niemistö Nea-Noora Bronze Seinäjoki
46.    Nuottimäki Siland Bronze Kauhava
47.    Nurmi Aino Bronze Alavus
48.    Oikarinen Olivia Bronze Sotkamo
49.    Palmroos Mertsi Bronze Äänekoski
50.    Palmroos Terno Bronze Jyväskylä
51.    Paloniemi Mikael Bronze Kauhava
52.    Perunka Max Silver Oulu
53.    Piirainen Helmi Bronze Sotkamo
54.    Pokkinen Elisa Gold Espoo
55.    Rautiainen Mikael Bronze Imatra
56.    Rezai Fatemeh Bronze and Silver Vantaa
57.    Riikonen Miland Bronze Ilomantsi
58.    Savolainen Milla Bronze Ilomantsi
59.    Sherzat Muhammed Silver Espoo
60.    Shirzad Morteza Silver Vantaa
61.    Shirzad Reza Silver Vantaa
62.    Shwan Skala Bronze Vantaa
63.    Sirviö Rita Silver Sotkamo
64.    Sorsa Tinka Bronze Ilomantsi
65.    Tammi Miia Bronze Nurmo
66.    Tolonen Elsi Bronze Sotkamo
67.    Vahvanen Jenna Silver Uusikaupunki
68.    Vanhala Oskari Bronze Taivalkoski
69.    Vilmunen Eerika Silver Uusikaupunki
70.    Virpi Anniina Silver Oulu
71.    Zahra Shirzad Bronze and Silver Espoo

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