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Kiuru in Tokio and Beijing: Significant increase in collaboration in the education sector

Ministry of Education and Culture
Publication date 20.11.2013 8.31
Press release -

Krista Kiuru?s, Minister of Education and Science, first stops in the Team Finland tour of East Asia to promote the export of Finnish education expertise were in Tokyo and Beijing.

In Tokyo, the Minister and her delegation met Hakubun Shinomura, Japan?s Minister of Education, and also held a presentation at a seminar on tertiary education policy and gave interviews to a number of prestigious Japanese papers. An agreement was reached with the Japanese counterpart that collaboration would be increased and student exchange would be stepped up significantly between Finland and Japan.

The meeting with Vice Minister of Education Yu Dubo in Beijing involved mainly discussions on opportunities for future cooperation. The Chinese delegation was particularly interested in Finnish expertise in teacher training, the teaching of languages and knowhow in educational games and expressed interest in increasing exchange in these areas. In the same context, an agreement was made for launching a Learning Factory concept as a joint effort between Finland and China. This aims to bring all existing versatile cooperation in education under one umbrella and provide a more systematic platform for collaboration projects in education to encourage cooperation between businesses andhigher education institutions.

During the visit to China, academic collaboration agreements were contracted between the University of Tampere and the Beijing Normal University to initiate and implement research, education and development cooperation between China Education and Research Centre (CEREC), located in Tampere, and Finland Education and Research Centre (FERC), situated in Beijing. Beijing Normal University also made an agreement with the University of Jyväskylä for a project contract on research and scientific validation of the Finnish GraphoGame learning-to-read game used for learning elementary Chinese.

A major cooperation contract related to education in the health care sector was also reached between Finland?s Educluster Finland and China?s Beihua University during Minister Kiuru?s visit. Preliminary estimates suggest that the value of this deal will be considerable in the near future. Team Finland?s export promotion tour will journey to Shanghai next and from there to Seoul.

- Mr Esa Suominen, Special Adviser, tel. +358 43 824 5668 , [email protected]