Appendix: Other measures agreed in the Government Programme and other processes supporting the objectives of the RDI Roadmap

Strategic development targets

I Competence

Wide‑ranging increase in the level of competence and continuous learning

1. In the education policy report to be submitted to Parliament in autumn 2020, the Ministry of Education and Culture will examine the functioning of the education system in order to raise the level of competence and education and the utilisation of existing talent potential in the RDI system, including the measures of the RDI roadmap.  (Government Programme Action Plan Chapter 9)

2. The minimum school leaving age will be raised to 18 years. With this reform, the level of Finnish education and competence will be raised and it will be ensured that every comprehensive school leaver completes at least a secondary education. (Government Programme Action Plan Chapter 9)

3. The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, the Ministry of Education and Culture, the Academy of Finland and the Finnish National Agency for Education will support the employment of international talent in Finland through Talent Boost measures. Research institutions and higher education institutions will develop an atmosphere and mechanisms that encourage international recruitment and will utilise the possibilities of key personnel taxation. As cooperation between the ministries, the entry, employment and study permit processes for foreign students and researchers will be streamlined and the integration into Finnish society of people arrive in Finland will be facilitated. (Government Programme Action Plan Chapter 2)

Broad‑based utilisation of society’s resources and competence in RDI activities

4. More efficient use will be made of creative competence and creative industries in innovation activities in accordance with the Creative Economy Roadmap and related measures (Creative Business Finland). The importance of creative competence lies in its influence promoting the renewal of companies and in how companies produce solutions that create better added value for the customer. (Government Programme Action Plan Chapter 9)

5. The Ministry of Education and Culture and the higher education institutions will take account of the development and innovation needs of RDI activities in the accessibility plan for higher education institutions to be compiled. The aim of the plan is to increase the share of people with a higher education degree and it examines the realisation of equality and parity in applying for higher education.  (Government Programme Action Plan Chapter 9)

II New partnership model

Climate change and other societal challenges in RDI activities

6. Work in the low carbon roadmap of industry will identify the possibilities of RDI activities. (Government Programme Action Plan Chapter 3)

7. The Government will establish a climate fund that has the Finnish State Development Company Vake as its base. The fund will focus on combating climate change, promoting digitalisation and accelerating low carbon in industry. Activities of the climate fund will be specified by the government spending limits discussion of April 2020.

8. The Finnish Research Infrastructure Committee of the Academy of Finland will update the national research infrastructure roadmap in 2020.  (Government Programme Action Plan Chapter 9)

Effectiveness of research

9. In the entrepreneurship strategy under preparation, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment and the Ministry of Education and Culture will take account of measures that can increase the RDI intensity of startups and SMEs and bring them into closer cooperation with the higher education institute sector and vocational education actors. (Government Programme Action Plan Chapter 6)

10. The Ministry of Education and Culture will add regulations ensuring the researcher’s possibility of parallel publishing to copyright law. (Vision for the Finnish higher education and research in 2030)

11. It will be ensured that the development work on open science and research coordinated by the scientific community’s Federation of Finnish Learned Societies and the data infrastructure development of Ministry of Education and Culture and public research organisations are mutually supportive.

12. Competencies in the management and use of intellectual property rights, including contract and licensing competence, will be strengthened, especially in SMEs. (Government Programme objective: intellectual property strategy)

III Innovative public sector

Management and coordination of RDI policy

13. A joint project of the scientific academies coordinated by the Finnish Academy of Science and Letters and funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture will complement the scientific community’s mechanisms of scientific advice. (Vision for the Finnish higher education and research in 2030)

14. In preparation of the Research and Innovation Council’s affairs, wide use will be made of the various ministries’ expertise.

15. In cooperation with the other ministries, Prime Minister’s Office will launch an assessment of the activities and effects of the Strategic Research Council that was active in 2014–2019.