New comprehensive education

The key project aims to renew comprehensive education, learning environments and teachers' competence. Digitalisation is to be promoted, Schools on the Move Project expanded and language education increased and diversified.


NB: This project has ended and the webpage will no longer be updated.

The reform focuses on three things:

  • new pedagogy,
  • new learning environments and
  • digital learning.

The objective is to improve learning results, respond to future competence needs, renew pedagogy through experimentation and turn learning into an inspiring life-long process.

The key project supports schools and municipalities to make it easier for them to apply solutions that promote digital learning. Experiments on new pedagogy, digital learning and new learning environments will be launched. The New Comprehensive School action plan provides the guidelines for the support and implementation of the new core curricula for Finnish basic education. The objective is to turn the Finnish comprehensive school in to a learner-centred education system with the most competent teachers in the world and an open and collaborative school culture.

Comprehensive School Forum: Excellence through equity for all

The Ministry of Education and Culture appointed a Comprehensive School Forum in 2016 to develop and reform the Finnish comprehensive school system. The Forum has drawn up policies and guidelines to merge the national perspective, combining the goals of education providers, teachers, students and the community of growth. The policies and guidelines help carry out the national core curriculum, promote learning, and enhance wellbeing. The Finnish Basic Education – Excellence through Equity for All -commitment was submitted to Minister of Education Sanni Grahn-Laasonen in February 2018.

The pre- and in-service teacher education

The pre- and in-service teacher education is renewed as part of the new comprehensive education. The Teacher Education Forum has prepared, in cooperation with teachers and other stakeholders, a Teacher Education Development Programme. The strategic guidelines of the Programme determine the direction of teacher education in Finland and development of competence during the teaching career.

The Ministry of Education and Culture has awarded nearly EUR 28 million in grants for 45 projects to develop teacher education. The projects will initiate the implementation of the Teacher Education Development Programme and will promote the attainment of the programme’s objectives.

Finnish Schools on the Move project

The key project also promotes children’s activities, as physical inactivity of the population is a problem in all wealthy countries. The goal is that each comprehensive school pupil would exercise for at least one hour each day.

The operational method of the Finnish Schools on the Move project, launched in 2010, has already reached more than 70 % of all Finnish schoolchildren. The method promotes sitting less during lessons and exercising more during break times. The goal is not to increase the number of PE classes, but instead to encourage learning through being active during other classes and break times.

The Government key project aims to renew competencies and education to respond to future challenges. The objective is that by 2025 Finland is a leading country in knowledge, education and future learning.

Contact information

Eeva-Riitta Pirhonen, Director General 
Ministry of Education and Culture, Varhaiskasvatuksen, perusopetuksen ja vapaan sivistystyön osasto ( VAPOS ) 0295330258