Development of Finland’s language reserve – making multilingualism Finland’s strength

Finland is an active member of the international community. Its strength lies in its linguistic and cultural diversity.

- Making multilingualism a strength. Procedural recommendations for developing Finland's national language reserve 2017

Language reserve refers to the language proficiency in its entirety at national level: citizens’ language skills, language proficiency produced by the formal education system and the planning of language instruction.

The report on the current state and development needs of Finland’s language reserve proposes an array of measures that should be taken to develop Finnish people’s language skills so that they would meet the future needs.

The report covers the entire Finnish education system. The report will serve as a basis for drawing up a national language strategy.

A steering group appointed by the Ministry of Education and Culture supported the preparation of the report. The steering group also acted as the steering group for the Government key project examining the possibilities to start language learning earlier. In the course of the work, seminars and workshops around the theme were arranged, and Professor Pyykkö and the steering group consulted a large number of experts in the field of language instruction.

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Minna Polvinen, Ministerial Adviser 
Ministry of Education and Culture, Varhaiskasvatuksen, perusopetuksen ja vapaan sivistystyön osasto ( VAPOS ), Strategiaryhmä 0295330262