Policies to promote internationalisation in Finnish higher education and research 2017–2025

The policies to promote internationalisation in Finnish higher education and research (2017–2025) are in the process of being implemented. A Team Finland Knowledge Network has been set up and the team specialists are now in their duty stations. Other parts of the implementation process will be monitored and developed under the steering processes of higher education institutions and scientific institutions as well as in the International Forum, which will include participation by different university networks and other stakeholders.

Follow the international policy blog to see how the policies are being implemented and read the follow-up and development report on the internationalisation policies for 2017-2025, which was published in February 2020.


The Ministry of Education and Culture appointed a steering group in 2016 to prepare an international strategy for higher education and research. The steering group reviewed the current situation in the internationalisation of Finnish higher education and research across the changing global environment, and presented a proposal on the desired end-state for making higher education and research more international by 2025. The group also drew up policies on how to make Finnish higher education and research more visible in Europe and worldwide.

The ‘Better together for a better world Policies to promote internationalisation in Finnish higher education and research 2017–2025’ publication aims to build up the quality of Finnish higher education and research and to achieve a globally acknowledged frontrunner position by 2025. The publication outlines that Finland’s strengths include its readiness to reform and experiment and its efficient use of research and knowledge. It is easy to come to Finland to study and work. Finland has best-quality higher education and research environments that are highly inspiring globally. Finland offers solutions to shared challenges in the world that draw on expertise, research and business collaboration. It has a robust and responsible position in global cooperation networks and value chains in knowledge production and competence, and it is an attractive investment location for knowledge-intensive activity.

The target has been set high and, to reach it, we need an active and constructive approach to development, not only in higher education institutions and research institutes, but also in many cross-administrative areas.

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